Friday, January 8, 2010

#4 - you just completed a number 2 on the potty and this is what you say,

#4, "Mom, I need some chocolate. I just went poopy on the potty."

Me, "Really, I don't think so."

#4, "Mom, this is your house and you just let me live here."

(Where did that come from???? First off I love that you translate chocolate with reward. Second, I am super happy that you realize that this is my house and you are just a tenant, but where do the two tie together in your wee brain. Is this just to butter me up? Hey mom look how smart I am, now please hand over the candy. I said it nicely. duh.)

#4, "I NEED some chocolate."

(You proceeded to go to the freezer and point to the dibs)

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