Saturday, January 2, 2010

Having the best time on vacation ya'all. Hope you are having a super time with Alec. Your dad was so awesome the other night........ he was freaken break dancing. Yes, I have proof. I will download the pics when I get home. Can I say that he THREW himself on the floor to do the worm not one................but TWO TIMES. Age came into play though and he slammed his chin on the wood floor. He doesn't seem to have broken anything - fingers crossed.

I just happened to run into Gerrard Butler and Paris Hilton. Gerrard was uber cool and chatted with us for a minute. (I didn't do the talking - our friends did. I was just ok with staring at his face. It is rather pretty. (your dad didn't think so)

Paris' Hilton on the other hand was quite humorous. She purchased celebrity magazines at the convenience store. SERIOUSLY. If I were some fancy famous person I would have a someone on the payroll that would purchase the magazines that had me on the front (just a thought). It is not like she is inconspicuous or anything with a large white furry dead animal on her head. (Did I mention Large - the opposite of small? Did I also mention that it was white and furry. I love me some fur you know, but it was so puffy that it looked like the Easter Bunny was sitting on her head keeping her company............. This actually would be quite lovely. She could be like, "Mr. Easter Bun (for short) Do you think these blue moon boots make my feet look elfish?" and he would be all, "Oh Paris honey, you could wear anything and you would look so beautiful." and she would be like, "Oh bunbun. You are so right." And when she has some food stuck in her teeth he could reach down and pick it out. Maybe she could rub his foot when in a predicament? The best benefit would be that he could poop some chocolate candy on a whim.)


Beeswax said...

Jen, you ARE funny. Only funny people call their kids potlickers.

Alpha Monkey said...

Did you tell Gerard I love him or did you forget? Next time I'll send a note for you to pass. Maybe Paris would let me borrow her rabbit's foot for luck! (Funny, funny post!)