Sunday, January 24, 2010


We headed out to Anaheim last week. We made a quick stop in Palm Springs the day before Disneyland. I must say that I enjoyed it. We were both pleasantly surprised with P.S. Super hip restaurants, a cute crowd, fun activities.

We made the trip with all of you, Little Nathan, and Kim, Dave and the kids. We stayed at a little hotel in P.S. that I would say was.....................a little run down. Kim offended the front desk staff when asking them if they "had any rooms that were cleaner - or bigger?" Awesome.

Turns out one of the largest storm to hit in years decided to make an appearance while we were at Disneyland. The first day we were there it started to rain around 3pm. It wasn't too crazy. The next day , ARE YOU KIDDING ME, it was hurricane weather. IT WAS NUTS. Thank heavens we were staying at the California Grande so we could go straight into the park from the hotel. It was a really cool hotel and if I ever decide to take ya'all back it is our destination of choice. We would try to go out in it and get super soaked. It cleared up around 4pm and we hustled out to get some time in. #1, Little Nathan, #2, and I tried out California Screaming. I LOVED IT!!!!! Paige and I went on it 2 more times. I realized how much I have missed roller coasters. Yippee I have a roller coaster addiction and I am going to embrace it.
Hanging out in the room while it POURED outside.
Check out Anthony grabbing your hand #4. This is the most perfect picture - EVERYONE is posing.
You ran up and grabbed Pluto's hand.
A little smile amidst a day of cold water.
This is the rained drenched look Kim and the kids are sporting. We were hiding out in Mickey's House while it poured outside. Suckers were the bribe of the day.

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