Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Dental Experiaaaance

So I had to go get some denti work done the other day. The Captain met me there to hold my hand (Ohhh, how super sweet...........wait until you hear what he did.) So, Dr. Morris took off my fake teeth (With a freaken drill and a really primitive tool?) he took them down to the nubbins I have for front teeth.

Let me interrupt this post to say that I looked like I was from Mississippi ya'all. Yes, I just bagged on the Miss crowd. Maybe I watch too many movies, but it just seems like if I am going to pick a state where tooth loss is prevalent it would be Mississippi. I wasn't born with my incisors and my front two teeth are shaved down to wee toothpicks. Maybe I should move to Miss if I get punched in the face and Dr. Morris can't put me back together again. I could rent out sheep (ok inside joke.)

Back to the teeth. So, I sat there with my mouth pried open, a drill was breaking off my fake teeth, and the Captain was taking pictures of my lack of fanciness. It was so bad I (who don't really give a crap what most think) can't show the pictures. My face was so swollen and my teeth were shaved down to umpa lumpas and your dad kept heckling the dentist. Remember how Dr. Morris lost the tips of four of his fingers? Well your dad kept asking him if was really a dentist since he didn't have full use of his digits. YES HE DID.

Did I mention that after my teeth were removed he took a mini blow torch to shape my gums. When I say shape I mean burn off. Awesome. Can't wait to show the pictures once I get the perm ones on!!!!! Whoot Whoot.

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