Monday, January 4, 2010

The incident

Tonight I made some wine soup. It was supposed to be beef burgandy. Something went wrong and it was really strong (It is like I am meant to rhyme and commit a poem crime. Silly yes, but Where the Sidewalk Ends is still one of my favs. Remember the one where the kid forgets to put on his pants. I read it everyday and yet it NEVER got old. I just laughed remembering it. )

Anyway we are all sitting around the table drinking our dinner when I notice that #3, you are not breathing. You are choking. You can't get the food out. I, SUPERMOM, saved your life. I performed the act of getting the piece of meat to fly from thy boca....... with superiority. It took a good 5 thrusts to get you to project the food. I calmly stated, "Nathan help me." over and over again. The steak was on the floor a matter of 3 sec when Chica (your dog) swooped in and ate it. That was the first time in those 20 seconds that anyone made a peep. There was a collective "GROSS!!!!"

#3 I was so impressed with your "universal sign for choking" hands. I know it was scary, but darling you did great!! Thanks for being so awesome.

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