Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dear Captain

Dear Mi Amigo La Captain,

I LOVE this picture. It is so muy rare that you take a decent photo. Remember on our trip how your beardo smelled like rotten anus? Remember how I leaned in to smell it and April looked like she would throw up on us? Remember how I leaned in and took another big whiff to see if she would really puke? Ahhhh memories Lover, Dios Mio that makes me smile. I really don't think her vomit could have smelled any worse than your al la stinky beard.

On to more importante matters. You are heading off to your yearly hombre voyage to La Coachella. I will miss you dearly and hope that you are muy safe and joyous. Please remember to take lots of photos. Please dispose of the angry / crazy eyes and give me "Hola Lover" face like the above picture. No tangling with the mujeres- remember that I make your heart beat with love sugar. Ay Cap i tan, Pura Vida includes a great RV park, some fancy music, and laying on the grassy hills with tu amigos - Erik y Benjamin.

Hugs and French Kisses

Esposa #1

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