Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just another evening of learning

You know how not much surprises me anymore? Remember how when your dad asked me to marry him he followed it up with:

"Hey, just a heads up - I may be on a hit list."

My thoughts were, "Oh this is my reality now. Ok, I'm down with it. I watch Charlies Angles, I got this."

I'm not kidding. I was so uber young that I really thought, "This is not strange." Isn't it funny how certain things hit us as "strange" or "weird". So it was interesting last night when your dad and I were watching some random Sea Life show and I had a crazy gut reaction to the strangeness of it.

I literally said, "What the heck is that." I kept having deep intakes of breathe and gasping for air. I heard myself saying over and over, " Oh my gosh, what is that. Oh my gosh what is that on it's "face"?"

At this point you, Paige, walked into the room WAYYYYYY past your bedtime and say,

"Oh, that would be an elephant seal."

Let's just let this marinate for a second.

This was said very matter of fact and in no way was it condescending. Back to the TV, the Seal thingys started fighting and biting each others GIGANTIC nose trunk thingamabobs off. Puke / vomit / regurgitate whatever is in mi belly.

I muy enjoy learning from you darling #2. Turns out for your mama wildlife trumps strange human activity.

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