Friday, April 29, 2011

The Month in Review

I love myself some good healthy eating. I had to capture this avocado- lettuce - tomato - party. Of course your brother had to try to get in every picture with one of his amazing smiles.

So to summarize the past 3 weeks I would say, " Dios Mio. Make it stop."

Your dad just slept last night for the first time in almost 2 weeks. Holy Hell I hate the insomnia.

Paige - you went were sick twice and went on your ELP field trip in between the vomit-circus.

Carter - you hurt yourself in Weight Training and I had to run and grab you to get you fixed. Add to that you are 13 and have uncontrollable hormone surges. Pobre nino. I'm sorry you have to grow so fast.

Ava - You have an obsessive addiction with asking for having friends over ev er y freaking secccccond of every single day!!!!!!!!!! You also asked the following this week:
1. How are babies made?
2. Will you be my mom and dad when I get married?
Since not all of you wish to be married, I found this interesting.

Ellie - Darling, I NEVER thought in all of my days that I would state the following,

"Girlfriend - you have been the best behaved - healthiest - nicest - least destructive child of the month. Yeah to you Pippi Longstocking."

I have decided that you may be Pippi reincarnate. I was rereading one of the many Villa Villakulla tales last evening and was all, "AHHHHH - Ellie=Pippi -

1. Throwing eggs on the ceiling = Check
2. Wears interesting clothes = Check
3. Walks backwards most places = Check
4. Dances to her own band = Check ( I mean band. There isn't just one drummer here. Tis a band)
5. Interesting hair = Check (I find it humorous when the teachers at the school giggle about how I "let" you go to school without brushing your hair. Hahahahahaha. Not funny professoras, how would you get the Chupacobra to brush its hair?)


I demand that life go back to our normal. Amen

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