Sunday, August 28, 2011

Date Day

Dad and I planned a date day this past week.  Our date days consist of a thriftish store and a great restaurant.  We headed over to Zinnias to grab a chandelier that we had spotted on our last visit and then stopped in at St. Francis.  Ava darling, you ate 1/2 your kids pizza, a bowl of quinoa, and this lovely dessert pictured.  I thought you might be sick on the ride home, but you kept it down and ate again an hour later.  

While at Zinnias we spotted 2 berets.  One an brown wool one with 2 pins and the other a navy velvet one.  When we arrived back home I asked if I could take your picture in them.  What followed was a cover shoot.  You, Ava Esther Wenzel Babbitt absolutely LOVE to pose for pictures.  At one point there was muscle flexing.  Here are a few pics from the session:

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