Friday, August 19, 2011


This is one of my favorite pictures EVER!!  It makes me laugh almost as much as Anderson Cooper getting a fit of giggles.  Holy Heck Anderson I LOVE that you took it so well.  You even posted someone tweeting,
"Anderson Cooper's giggles are like watching unicorns fart rainbows."

How I love to laugh my dears.  Here is another one that made me wet me pants a bit.

You, numero tres had Dylan over to play on Saturday.  Come Sat night Kristen and Matt came by to swim whilst their 3 children were playing joyfully in the toy room.  We were discussing Pioneer Woman's iced coffee tip when Dylan came out crying and saying she wasn't feeling well.  They all went home.

Come Monday you and Dylan were on the playground when she said to you,

"I was tired of hanging out with you and that is why I said I was sick and went home."

Ellie, "Mom, I think that was so mean."

Super Mom, "Really?  It totally sounds like something you would say to her.  It may not have been the nicest, but it was honest and really you."

You sat there for a full 15 seconds and then said,

Ellie, "You may be right.  I think it was honest.  I probably would say that to her also..........OK."

I love this about you young thinker.  You actually considered what I was saying to you, thought about it for a second, and then changed your way of thinking to a new idea.  You are superb!!!!!  I laugh at bit, on the inside of course, while I watch you process ideas.  I dig you darling!

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