Friday, August 12, 2011

Teeny Tiny pictures.  Ya' all went out to lunch with Grandma and Grandpa before shool started.  Since tu padre is sporting the largest hairdo known to man,  I quote Megamind on a reg basis.  

Oh my, what a surprise, you and your chickens.  Who knew that pollo would bring you and #3 so close. You two bond all day long over the Mias and Bubs.  You have shown muy dedication to them E.  I'm so impressed with your attention to their needs.

The Captain had some of "The Cancer" this summer.  He has kept his mane long and his beard all shaggy to thwart the summer rays.  Every morning he wakes up with hair taller than his head.  It has become a bit of a contest to see if it can stand up much more without product.  It is proven that it can, especially when he considers swimming "showering".  Did I mention that he didn't wash his hair for 4 days because he thought "Shwiming" would take care of personal hygiene. 

This picture is to serve as a reminder to all of you young ewoks that "The Cancer" runs in la familia.  This is tu padre at Dr. Glicks office for his 2 biopsies.  (That reminds me of the Aunt in Big Fat Greek Wedding.  Remember bibiobsy.  Hahahahaha that Aunt and her hairy tumor twin.)   Look at the love in his eyes for me whilst I take this picture.  He said,
"Mi Amore.  My love for you shines so bright I can't see.  Tis why my ojos aren't working so well these days.  I know you so well.  You enjoy that poem by the Shel Silverstein that is about a boy not wearing the pants.  You also enjoy cleaning up my messes and making me tasty treats.  You are my truest love ever.  Stay Cool."

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Beeswax said...

Hey! I'm going to see Dr. Glick on Wednesday. I will be sure to take photos!