Tuesday, November 15, 2011


A.H recently came over to do a photo shoot for a family and was kind enough to snap some pics of you Miss. AEWB.  They are GorGeous!  

As I was posting these you were standing next to me complaining about not being able to find the salami.  Hahaha Older you will think that sentence is funny.  We really did just come home from the grocery store and I haven't unloaded the bags yet.  You are in my ear being Persistent regarding la Salami.

Me the Mother, "A, you are about to lose some privileges and that will be a bummer.  That means no iphone, ipad, or Tv tomorrow."

A: "Aww mom.  Can I at least pet a dog if I see one?"

Random.  This is what went through your mind when you start to lose la privileges.  Roja Muchacha this is very funny.  Next time you make the choice not to do the right thing I will list "Dog Petting" as a consequence.

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