Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I was running errands the other day when you called me and asked if you could go see the new Twilight Movie with Alyssa.  

BackGround:  I had discouraged reading these books due to the unreal example of what a healthy relationship is.  i.e.  boyfriend watching you sleep.  OR  Trying crazy  - dangerous activities when you get dumped by your boyfriend.  OR dumping all of your friends just to "hang" with your boyfriend 24/7 etc......

So I thought about it for a minute.  You expressed that you thought you were old enough to view this movie.  I expressed that she gives birth and there will probably quite a bit of blood.  You again stated that this should be okay.  

When I spoke with Alyssa's mom she shared the following:

She was speaking with her girlfriend about going to the movies and how she hadn't yet heard back from Alyssa's friends mother (Me!!).  Her friend said, "This is the girl that saw 2 chickens being killed in front of her.  She will be fine."

Love this perspective.  I am going to now apply the CHICKEN RULE to situations that I encounter with you, Miss. P.  For example:

Let's say you ask to go to a haunted house that I would normally deem inappropriate.  CHICKEN RULE.  Haunted House = not as scary as a chicken massacre.  


Let's say you want to play light as a feather stiff as a board at a sleep over.  Never mind that is super funny.


You wish to go out with a boy that has a bone sticking out of his nose holes,  he uses the "foul" language (Hehehehehe fowl language)  and he also is known for an affection for the raw meat.  I would implement the CHICKEN RULE and say  "way worse than a chicken massacre.  No to the date"

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