Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

It twas a crazy Halloween week.  Chics and boy I said WEEK.  We decided to have a joint birthday party for you - A and you - E.  It was a great time and very tiring.  Then there were school parties, friend parties, neighborhood parties, and then actual Halloween.  Hot Damn I am happy to be done with it all.  

Last night for "actual" Halloween we dropped you, P, off at Alyssa's and then went over to Kristen and Matt's house for yous E and A to trick - o -treat.  Carter, you decided to stay home and read the 11th book of Rangers Apprentice that just came out.  It was a great time at Kristen and Matt's.  Your dad kind of outed Matt on possibly changing his religious views.  Outed as in mentioning it to Matt's parents.  AWKWARD.  Do you know what was even more awkward?  It was when someone told another someone that they "think to much".  This was said with much distaste.  It was said like they had just swished salty poo water in their mouth to cleanse their palate.  Your dad always brings it.   Love him.  

We drove home and while dad and I were unloading the car I told all of you to go brush your teeth.  When we walked in this is what we found:

It looks mighty uncomfortable.  It took maybe 90 seconds for this to happen.  I admire this talent.  

On a side note:  You came up to me today and said:

A:  " Did you put the pool cover on because I decided I liked to swim on top of the water and not under it?"

Mom: " No."

A:  " Did you know that I would close my eyes and use my imagination as a map to find the step?"

Mom: "Huh.  Sometimes you say the fanciest things."

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