Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A day in the life of La Mentally Handicapped

Remember this photo?  This was when tu padre and I signed the recall petition back in la dia for La Racist Pearce.  Sad to say that my faith had waned in the general public of this fine city;  but I was madly surprised to see that they voted La Racist out of office.  I know SHOCKING!!!  La Racist is none to happy about it and is now just making shit up on Foxx news.  That=not SHOCKING.  

Mesa just upgraded themselves from the Alabama 1964.  Heck Alabama 2011;  I'm not fooling myself into thinking Good Ol' Alabami has changed all that much.  Mesa is now so bright with some integrity that it has me shining my happiness up in every ones bizness.  

Let's take Uncle Danny - for example.  He is like that guy in that Peter Pan movie that Robin Williams was in where he LITERALLY lost his marbles.  Tio Daniel has gone and misplaced his tiny brain balls. Me hopes that he will somehow recover them.  2 days ago he forgot where he parked his golf cart.  He forgot who dropped him off as soon as they pulled out of the driveway.  Since this is just the saddest thing and I don't like to cry,  we have decided to make it into a memory making - foot stomping - lovely time.  

When he forgets something we will now sing the Umpa Lumpa song.  We will drive around and find "whatever" he has lost.  Who can be sad when they are singing that freaking song?  This kid in the picture has a genius for a mother.  Seriously lady, well done.  Los Daniel  - we will survive.  You might lose a golf cart or shirt or pants in the process (yes he keeps walking out of his "home on wheels" with only some undeewears on)  but we will survive the Alzheimer's.

I might have to take a card out of the Nancy Reagan playbook and put you in some clothes that zip up in the back.  I might also have to tattoo your name and address on your hairy body.  I may also change your name so your Alzheimersy self has a name I enjoy  - like - Roy or Floyd.  No matter what La Daniel y Roy,  it will be an adventure.

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