Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Paige:  "Mom, do you think there are aliens. "

Me: "Yes.  (your sister gives me a look like I've dropped my marbles in the sink.)  Don't you think if we saw a dinosaur right now and you weren't previously educated on them you would think - - - - ALieN"

Paige: "Maybe, but they are extinct, just like we are going to be extinct.  There is proof on other planets that there was life and now they are extinct.  We just showed up after the dinosaurs and will last for a bit."

Me: "Where did we come from?"

Paige: "Well you could say God; or you could be sci ency and say gorillas."

The rest of dinner you gave us a "lesson" on some worm that has a name like hydrocephlofungus and just giggled telling us all about it.  You looked at us like we were aliens when we said we didn't know what they were.  You muchacha crack me up.  

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