Monday, January 2, 2012

Party till it Yurts

Your dad thoroughly enjoys coming up with funny names / sayings.  Since we recently put up the yurt, it has been all giggles around here with his funniness.  We christened the yurt on New Years.  Dad had a friend in town staying with us.  Add a few other friends and strangers came over for a dance party.  I made burritos and put a very fancy 80's playlist together.  

Tis Kristine and I.  Below Kristen is trying to convince Garrison that 2nd cousins are allowed to have children together.  (I don't believe he is so sure.  Look at his body language.  The chick in the middle could care less;  she is all about the brownie sundae in her red cup.)

The YURT was awesome.  Check out this lovely pic prior to people arriving. 

So one of the guests teaches film and such at Collins College.  According to him he is "a big deal".  I'm thinking he thinks dad is a "big deal".  If this isn't the look of amore I don't know what is!  

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