Tuesday, January 10, 2012

So we wrote out our New Years Resolutions.  Quite the list this year.  Top priority - working out.  I know, I know, so cliche.  Whatevs.  We are pursuing the goal of the health with vigor.  I received the BODYBUGG as of yesterday and we will torture our bodies once again tonight.  I appreciate all of ya'alls support.  I know it is super hard to set the table and miss us whilst we are away, but is soooo appreciated.  I know you wish for me to live Faever and constantly say things like, "I think that plane is flying to low."  or   " In etiquette school you need to learn to look people in the eye and speak clearly."  or  "No, I swear this is my real accent. "  or   " Seriously, you guys are the smartest kids on the planet."

Mucho Gracias for la patience!!

La Madre

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Lisa Langford said...

Can I say...an awesome picture of you too. Gorgeous. :)