Monday, January 2, 2012

Skateland - Tall people style

Cody and Kristine invited us to an "adults only night" at Skateland.  Twas awesome.  As you can see in the above picture she was not welcoming a photo of herself.  I dig the groovy hand.  Your father and myself were the only "tall" people to dress up for the festivities.  It was skateland.  How can an adult go to skateland and NOT dress up like they are straight out of 1984 yo?

It boggles my mind.  Can I say that you father and I have never put on skates in each others presence before.  That's why it twas a miracle peeps, when it turns out we are skate-life-partners.  We were amazing.  He would throw me around and catch me and then spin me around the side.  Hot damn he is a roller skating genius.

I mean look at this picture.  (Can I add that I overheard 4 people say "nice wig" to your dad.  hahahahhahahaha)  He exudes skate-lover.  

This may very well be our Christmas card next year.  I know none of you are in it, but does that really matter?  This picture is a classic.  By classic I mean it is the essence of our skate-love.  No, he is not grabbing my chest region.  It was a pose Carter, sheesh show some maturity like we are so obviously exhibiting.

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