Monday, January 30, 2012


Dad and I just went on a wee cruise around the......tiny area of Ensenada.  Twas lovely.   Dad belongs to a group where the people are on a spiritual journey.   26 of them were on board with us.  I formed so many wonderful relationships.  It was such a lovely time and yet we missed all of you so very much.  

Our first/only stop was in Ensenada.  We left the boat a couple of hours before our excursion to tour the town.  We landed on Main St.  Your dad plopped himself down for some of his Mexican favorites - beer and salsa.  

Look at his face; he is so happy that he is about to taste the corn of his homeland.  
He is thinking, "Aye Mehico,  land of my home.  I have missed tu queso y mono.  Diga me, lover Jennifer, do I look more Mexhican today than yesterday -YES - I do.  I can convey all of this with my eyes.  I don't even have to verbalize this to my lady.  She knows me.  She amores me."

We traveled with the Leavits.  They are awesome.  We drove over and back with them.  It made the ride muy pleasant and entertaining.  On the ride home we sang some Flight of the Concords.  I love Bret and Jermaine.  Seriously,  I would consider polyandry if Jermaine would wish it so.  Your dad just seconded the motion.  Ya'all would get a song every evening that would intrigue - AND - put you to sleep.  Add to that it would be done in an accent that would make everything sound sophisticated.  Damn, that man can sing.  

The L's purchased some rice necklaces for their children.  After the necklaces completion we joined The Captain for some comida.   

Look at his face lovers.  He is in Mexican bliss. 

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