Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cowgirl Day 2012

I think this may be my absolute favorite picture of all time.  Ava darling, you were exquisite.  You told us that you are going to be a cowgirl when you grow up.  NOT A FARMER GIRL.  They have to pick up animal poop and you just want to catch bad guys.  I picked you up today in this outfit.  You came complete with "Purple Girl" your horse; as well as, you 2 marshmallow guns.  Holy smokes you are hot stuff.  This picture reminds me of OKLAHOMA the musical.  

Five thought you were crazy and kept growling and chasing you.  You rode "Purple Girl" and ran after her.

Oh my goodness.  You are insanely funny.  I kept / keep getting pelted in the face with candy.  When I said, "Don't shoot me in the face."  your response was, "Mrs. McClure said just not the eyes.  Your face should be fine.  It really is too bad you didn't get to go to my school when you were little."

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