Monday, January 30, 2012

Bus tour of wine country with mi amigas a plenty

Look at that beard.  Do you even have an idea of how bad it smells after he drinks wine and eats some cheese?  Think back to your younger years and remember the odor...............

It smells like hummus that has been left in a Ford Flex after being on a cruise for 4 days muchachos.  Aside from the ass beard he was having such a bueno time that it was easy to ignore the stench.

This was one of the best tours we have taken.  There are so many vineyards throughout the area it was so beautiful.  It reminded me of our trip to Spain.  I felt so warm and fuzzy ( No, not from wine)  it was because it was so dreamy.  The first stop was La Casa De Dona Lupe.  I introduced myself to her and she told me to facebook friend her.  (Remember facebook was a way for us to make friends on the computerbox)  I purchased tons of olive oil, jelly, and hot sauce.  We munched on bread, cheese, and pizza during the tour.  Bellin was our tour guide and she was very informative on all wines and olives.  Your dad hit it off with her and here is their pose.

It was such a relaxing outdoor eating area located inside the fields of grapes.  

Dad, Toby, and Greg stared lovingly into each others ojos during the tasting.  Well, maybe just Toby and Greg.  It looks like they have a real connection and your dad might be a bit jealous.  

 Heather, Lauren, Chris, Nate and Greg all posed for me in front of the bull arena.  

August 17 is when they have a huge fiesta.  A bull fight, mariachis, and food from 10am - midnight.