Wednesday, June 6, 2012

5 and interesting

My numerous conversations with you.......A...........and what we talked about when you were 5.

Ava, "I can totally float now because I BELIEVE I can."

You floated liked a badass at this point.  Then you would pop up and say, "I believed I could."  Twas awesome!!

A few short minutes later:

Ava, "Mom,  (said in a super excited voice) how old do you think I will be when I get my period?"

Mom, "That is a very interesting question.  It really depends on your body fat and if we look at our family history then I would suspect the 7th grade."

Ellie, "Me, Me, Me.  Do me.  How old will I be?"

Paige, "What if I stay skinny.  Will I not get it?"

Ava, "What if I get fat or know someone who is fat?  Will I get it when I am 8?"

Mom who rocks this sort of conversation." Well,  it is based on your body type, hormones, etc.  If I were to guess - (I point to each one of you) this summer - 7th grade - and 9th grade.  Done. "

Ava, "5 plus 26 is 98."

Mommers, "huh?"

Ava, "97?"

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