Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Paige and Alyssa throw a Party

Paige and Alyssa threw an end of Elementary School Partay.  It was just glorious.  They swam, we had a large projector showing a movie, three young men showed up for a bit, they "slept" in the yurt, and the next morning they GOT to ride in the big ol' van and chow at the Waffle House.  Dios Mio that was a great time.  When I asked what they did until their bed time of 4am I was told, "Duck duck goose and ring around the yurt."  Seriously.  Seriously Seriously.  

Carter was a great help.  He swam with ya and kept an eye on you whilst the young men were about.  Thank heavens he was there to keep things in order.  After the Waffle Awesome House I dropped everyone off at their perspective homes with the aid of the Big White van.  Carter hung out the window and shouted, "I love you" to all of the lovely ladies.  He is quite the man.

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