Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Girl, you just had a baby in your pants

Did I mention the fun little story about the TV show "I didn't know I was pregnant."  Kids, yes in 2012 there were enough crazy ladies that didn't know they had a bun in la oven that they were able to make a whole series about it.  

As Ms. Silvia and I are trying to breathe through the Krazy Kaptain Kontractions, she says the following:  (I can't make this up)

SilvaMama: " So on that show I didn't know I was pregnant there was a lady who had stomach craps and went to the hospital and when the nurse pulled down her pants and exclaimed  - - "Girl,  you just had a baby in your pants."  I totally want someone to say that to me."

Yes, this came out of her mouth.  No.  I'm serious.  Why don't you believe me?  So the rest of the labor we kept saying, "Girl, you just had a baby in your pants."  Unfortunately, Silva wasn't wearing any pants.  Instead they still have those dumb ass crazy net underwear things.  I sure as heck hope they come up with something different by the time you guys get knocked up by man boys (Men NEVER grow up)  and bring a baby through your sacred canal of life.

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