Friday, June 8, 2012


Today you two - E and A - rode with me to 2 of the shops.  This was our conversation:

A, "I sometimes hold my burps in and then they come out my butt.  I don't tell my friends or they won't want to be friends with me anymore."

E, "I think that I should live at home until I save enough money to buy a house.  What do you think?"

Mofessor, "A, I think your friends may do the same thing.  Tis ok to talk to them about it I think.  E, I think that is a wise choice."

E, "How does the whole house buying thing work?"

Mofessor, "You will need a min of 20% down and then you take out a home loan.  Home loans are typically 30 years and they charge what is called interest.  This is how they make their money.  If you can save for the whole house that would be amazing.  Just remember to live within your means."

E, "I think I will live with you guys for a REALLY long time so that I can save up for a house."

You then turn to look out the window with a serious, yet positive look on your face.  It was if you planned out your life just then and the rest will all fall into place.  

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