Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Journey to the Center of La Vagina. Part 2. Kaptain Kris is Krazy

So after 30 min of pushing Carmen frantically called Dr. Lee.  It got to the point where she kept firmly telling Silvia "DO NOT PUSH!"  Silvia was moaning and in pain.  As soon as Dr.  Lee walked in, Carmen was all "Get your gloves on."

We sort of started pushing and Gush  - here came the Kaptain.  Carmen and I grabbed him and stuck in him Silvia's belly.  We kept saying ,  "Why hello Kaptain."  I just watched the video back and I clap when he is born like Madea.  I guess this is appropriate because Silvia likes herself some Madea.    

On a LOVELY side note.  Before the baby was born I was discussing circumcision with Silvia and she was NOT a fan of it.  I was very determined to make her understand that it is a good thing.  I gave her the example that dad always uses about boys in the locker room showers checking each other out and it not fun if you are the 1 kid that isn't circumcised.  She looked at me all weird and Uncle Mike tried to explain that in Sports boys shower together.  She then said, "Oh,  like in jail."  I couldn't stop laughing. Hahahahahaha  awesome.  I love a good jail reference.

Kaptain is adorable and below is my fav picture of the whole day / evening extravaganza.

They took him over to be weighed and he came in at 6 lbs,  6 oz.  18 in long.  Head circumference at 13 inches.  

We only actually saw Dr.  Lee for maybe 20min.  He is his noggin in this one pic.  

The Kaptain

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