Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Date Night

Twas your date night, little A.  You thought about this for 2 days straight; never wanting to commit to a place because you might change your mind.  Most of those 2 days you thought you would want McDonalds.  

No, I'm not kidding.  I know, I know I'm soooo funny.  Shut it - I'm serious.  McDonalds.  Yes, I deprive you of shit food during your childhood, so when you can get your hands on it you shove it in your boca.  Crazy true. (on a side note look how handsome your father is with glasses- ahhh)  Anyways we convinced you to pick Nordstroms cafe instead, with a stop at McDonalds for an icecream cone after.

You picked out 2 stuffed kittens at Nordstroms and named them "Wanda" and "Fun Guy"

When we got home your brother used a stern voice with you and you took it to heart.  Here is you after balling your eyes out.

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