Monday, July 29, 2013

Pebt (I've combined debt with your name darling)

It seems like all you talk and think about is shopping - Paige.  All four of you have had savings accounts, but 2 weeks ago I set up checking accounts with debit cards for you, P, and your brother.  You both are amazing babysitters and have earned a substantial fortune this summer.  Typically you aren't allowed to spend your money, but we switched things up a bit and boy am I glad.

I am already seeing you fall flat on your debit card face and you are only 13.  Lovely.  Let us rejoice in the failing that is restraint now before you have to be responsible.  

So you went out shopping thrice this week and boy was it interesting.  One time with me, one time with Allie, and one time with Rachel.  When I dropped Allie back at her house after your epic spending day you were quite chatty.  I asked you what Allie had been up to all summer and here is the rest of our convo

Pebt, "Oh, I didn't think to ask her."

Mom, " Did Allie get a chance to speak at all?"

Pebt, "See there are people who just like to listen.  She is one of them.  I think she really just enjoyed listening to me talk the whole time.  She did speak some, but I can speak for the both of us."

Mom, "Damn."

I asked you to keep a tally of what you are spending when you heading off for the 1st trip.  You said, "No." This is totally going to be fun.  Yippee!  Love it.  Rad.

Third trip you called and said you thought you had $12 left on your card, but weren't really sure.  I advised you that you can not go below the $25 balance line.  You said, "WHAT? REALLY?"  This is super RAD!

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