Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Paige has a sad epiphany

So you went with me to work the other day and we were driving to pick up a part.  As we were driving we passed a place with the name Cabaret in the title.  You turned to me and asked me what it was.  I explained that Cabaret is a fancy way of saying, "Ladies take their clothes off here and men pay them to do it."

Your response,

"Ahhh I thought that only happened in bad states.  This happens here in Arizona?"


"Yes, and there are about 6 of them near the Scottsdale shop."


"Are you serious.  On purpose?"

This makes me want to throw up all over my new shoes (which by the way are super cute).  I just read a great article by Stephanie Lauritzen in the Salt Lake City Weekly.

She Wrote:

 The notion that men are animals and cannot control their responses to visual stimuli creates a culture of rape apologists. 

 ...the idea that women are only “dignified” when wearing certain clothes also teaches girls and women that their bodies are objects—scary objects, used to torment men. 

...the real solution doesn’t lie in a one-piece. It lies in seeing both men and women as people, not objects or animals. Instead of criminalizing men by insisting that “real men” need modest women in order to behave, we need to expand the definition of masculinity and what “real men” are capable of in terms of human decency. 

She is Quite lovely don't you think - Paige?  Sorry you had to awaken to this shit.  I will try to fight the crazies who call it normal.  Don't ever lose your initial reaction to this, do not get numb and think it is normal,to make money from men looking at your boobies.  Okay, I'm going to go run 2 miles in 115 degree weather -this is depressing - I'm out. 

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