Monday, July 15, 2013

Inside a Ginger's sassy brain

Yesterday was a lovely floating pool day for you and I, Miss. A.  I was on my lounge floater and you were on the step playing and asking me a million questions.

A, "Why are we not on vacation?"

I answered that we are busy working this summer and we will be going to Mexico with Ella's family in October.

A, "WHAT???? Will it be on my birthday because my birthday is in October so it could be on my birthday are we flying there or driving there (inhale - it was all said in one breath)"

Me, " We are driving on this trip; but you need to know that we will be flying when we go to the Mexican Riviera next year.  Now I don't know if you knew this or not, but I used to work for an airplane company.  Dad and I used to fly all over the place and we are here and just fine."

Can I interrupt this lovely conversation to say that I tried the "We need to not be scared of death, we will all eventually die." line of thought last week to no avail.

A, "You also used to drive boats all of the time and you made a boat accident happen when we were in the boat.  Boats look fun when you are not in them and when you are in them it is not very fun.  You are a really bad boat driver."

WHAT?????  I wasn't even driving that stinking boat, we were on a freaking trailer.  How the hell am I owning your dad's boating mistake.  Damn it- -  I thought your future therapy would be attended by tu' father and now to find out it will be me.  AHHHHH. 

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