Monday, July 22, 2013

Date night

Paige, your siblings were all gone tonight so dad and I took you and your lovely friend Rachel out to dinner and shopping.  We ate some glorious food at Olive and Ivy.  You thought bolognese sauce meant there was bologna in it.  Love it.  I have a suspicion that your father may have an alien inhabiting his body right now.  He ordered flat bread, turned to me, and asked if he should get salami or sausage on it.  
1.  He hates them both
2.  He decided on getting salami on 1/2 and sausage on 1/2

Now, I am all for both of those meat products, but your father has always been so vehemently against them.  Kind of like how I would march for vagina rights; tu'padre has marched against the Italian sausage and salami industry.  I really don't know what is happening.

After dinner we did a wee bit of shopping.  After shopping we had to seek out a Dunkin Donuts.  Gahhh it wasn't good, but you loved it.  

Whilst seeking out the donuts we listened to a bunch of different songs.  All of said songs were in the top 40 since that is the extent of your musical taste.  After we dropped Rachel off at her home you asked me to put on some rap music so you could be a gangster.  You informed us two important facts:

1.  Rap is poetry that is mean, "Get in the club, bottoms up, bottoms up." (that was your rap to show us it is mean.  You actually rapped in a low voice.  It wasn't too bad.  I also informed you that there is plenty of rap poetry that is kind and good.  Macklemore's song about acceptance. )
2. You would like to form a superhero gang that helps people. 

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