Monday, March 31, 2014

Dream Talk

We were talking about our dreams this morning in carpool.  Mine involved zombies / end of the world stuff.  I believe I may have gotten a better workout dreaming and raising my heart rate through fear, than my actual running last night.  Hot Damn I woke up with a racing heart.

Whilst sharing you, P, tell us this:

P, " So, I had a dream that mom was dead and I was at a market with dad in Italy"
C, "Again.  You had to kill off mom in your dream again? Geez Paige."
P, (no pause from this comment)" So, I was five and we were at a market and dad got killed.  I had to go live with another family."
C and I at the same time, "Let us guess, it was in a castle with a rich family?"

P, (Again no attention)" And then it turns out when I'm older that my mom is alive.  She had been in danger and was in hiding / an alternate identity.  She was a lesbian and a professor.  I went to live with her and she home schooled me for 10 years."

Can I interject that you TOTALLY want to be home schooled.  I don't think you understand that it would still be SCHOOL and you wouldn't just get to sleep all day.

P, "Then it turns out she isn't actually a lesbian and her "wife" is really her bodyguard."

My gosh you have interesting dreams.  You want a "dream journal".   I recommended getting a notebook and just writing "DREAM JOURNAL" across the front and it would serve the purpose.

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