Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mayan Riviera

The second day we took a drive toward Tulum.  We took a random turn toward BOCA PAILA.  Put that to memory gents.  It = Heaven on Earth.  We start driving and after 15kl we start driving past the cutest restaurants / bars / hotels ever.  EVER peeps.  Your dad kept freaking out.  "It never ends.  Oh my gosh get this on video."  We kept driving and it kept going.  Beautiful beach / hotel / bar / restaurant / yoga studio / cute shop / yoga etc.  

We grabbed a bite to eat at a place that felt like it belonged in an Elvis or Annette Funicello movie. Twas a lovely evening.  Carter, you ordered the fajitas and savored every bite.

The next morning we headed back to Tulum and arrived at the parking lot that lead to the ruins.  Upon arrival you are lead through some shops.  

Here is everyone with their new hats................

We kept walking and all of us stopped to look at a lady holding a baby jaguar.  It is not the first time we have seen this in Mexico, but it is always super weird.  So, we are standing there and all of the sudden I step on something.  I look down and this is what I stepped on......


We all screamed and the other unfortunate part is my instinct was to push you, Carter, toward the snake while I ran off.  I know, not my best moment.  

There were two gentlemen there that had monkeys on their shoulders.  One of the guys spoke in a gritty, slimy voice and would say, "Little Justin, come here." Did I mention Little Justin is the really ugly monkey?

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