Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mayan Riviera Part 2

We hopped in the Avis shuttle and were off to rent our Suburban.  Damn it was big - more on that being a problem for the Captain later.  Bam - I hit something?

We got in our Big ass vehicle and were off to the house.  It was a 1 hour drive down the highway.  We retorno'd and found the entrance to our "house".  We enter this gated area to about 20 acres of beautiful jungle / flowers / etc.  We drive down a drive that has pavers  - it is so damn nice.  We curve around and literally see 2 houses.  We get to the end of the road and Rosenburg is waiting outside our "House".  We start by going along a wooden pathway to the front of the house.  It is fairly hard to describe something so profoundly beautiful.  6000 sq ft - the rooms are GIGANTIC and the living room opens up to the outdoors.  This is the outdoors........

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