Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lehi Days 2014

You are the man C.  I love that you wore your reg clothing when dressing the goat.  Your friend Blake is a true cowboy.  You had a game plan in your head and it totally worked for you.  PETA would be proud.  J/k.  I was excited that you participated and even more excited about your black socks.  Serious.  I dig.  

So, your dad and Paige, Rachel, and Ava and I are sitting eating our fabulous bbq lunch when a man walks by with something on his shoulder.  I hit your dad and pop up and run over to him.  I'm sure I was rude by laughing and taking pictures, but Lord it was sweet.  It was some weird ass Labyrinth bird on his shoulder.  Dad kept turning to you girls and saying, "If that man asks you to follow him to his van run the other way."  He looked pale in the face and was completely freaked out.  I thought / voiced out loud - "Why would someone do that?"  To which you, Paige, replied, "To get you in his van."  None of us could think of another valid reason why.  

Feast your ojos.

That evening you, Paige once again, reminded tu' padre that my birthday was a day away and he should take me out.  We went out for Spanish Tapas and had a fab time.

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