Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Mayan Ruins - Tulum

This was super fun to watch.  Paige, you got the whole thing on video which is lovely.  The funny part is when we got back to the house and you, Ava, showed the video to Rosenburg and you advised him that you watched the clowns this morning.

The ruins are so fascinating.  Mayans actually were made up of 28 tribes that spoke different languages.  They had commonalities and were predominately around for 3000 years.  Once the Spanish badasses arrived the Mayans diminished and were maintained to certain areas.

This is the only Mayan ruin that is on the Sea Side; the rest are all inland.  Look how beautiful their beach was.

If I were to categorize the place I would call it Ruin Disneyland.  

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