Monday, October 26, 2009

Antonella's Wedding

Tonight was THE WEDDING. First, this afternoon was the ceremony. It was at St. Bernards church. The priest was cute as can be. He said so many kind and super funny things. I made friends with an OLD Italian man. This was just one of our conversations:

(If you don't incorporate an Italian accent this is not very funny)

Old Man, "You-a know that the Italians live in Chica cago."

Me, " Really, I didn't know that."

Old Man, "Why yes. We-a came to New York-a of course. And then we migrated to Chica cago. (I am not spelling these words wrong. This is how he spoke. duh)

Me, "Well I get that. My grandparents came over from Germany and they had to go to Ellis Island first."

Old Man, "Really (excited)? I have-a a cousin who lives in a Germany. He has-a two restaurants. He has a mansion............(he crossed his arms at this point and shouted - in a church) HE -A- MADE IT. (a little quieter now) He -A- Made IT!"

I went home after the ceremony and waited for my date. The lovely April Haymore. The reception was at the MonteLucia. This hotel is sooooo beautiful. The food was great, the dancing was .........wait for it.............supercalifrag. The band was from that show .....American know the one where the people sing. There was some amazing Italian opera like singer that busted out some Italiano tunes. At one point I thought it was a CD and looked up to see him belting out the opera. Then one of the bridesmaids goes up and sings opera with him. It was tooooo die for. I started crying. It was stunning. " Oh, he needs a duet person for this song. Let me go over there and just belt out a little song with no prep. Lalalala. Ok I'm ready." ARE YOU KIDDING ME. The talent was truely ............ ok no words for it.

Some little 2 year old yelled that her dad farted during the matron of honors toast. (some of the men at the table behind me laughed so hard at this they were crying. Really? Is farting and poo ALWAYS this funny? Oh yes it is!!!!!!!!) There was a gelato cart. Of course April - who knows everyone in the United States - knew the guy next to hers best friend. (are you kidding me you say. NO I am not. We travel with her on different vacations or to different restaurants / parties / etc and guess what she knows someone there. Have I also mentioned that her dreams tend to come true. I don't mean this in a kind of rainbows and lottery kind of way. I mean she will dream something like - hey Dane Thomas broke his leg - and then two days later she runs into his mom and she is like " Last night was crazy. We had to go to the emergency room b/c Dane broke his leg."

So here are a couple of gorgeous pics from our night out. Did I mention that I introduced her as my date, not thinking much of it, and people thought we were a couple. At one point a guy leaned over to ask me a question and then said to April, " don't get tense, I'm not moving in on your territory." So cute.

Everyone there was sooooo friendly. We were at a table with 2 pregnant women so it didn't get to rowdy.

Oh, you know what else was cool. The second we walked into the ballroom the dancing started. Dinner didn't come for another 1 1/2. Dancing was too importante' to put off. All in all this was another uber great wedding. Allison Sterns wedding came in as a tie. I think the band is what throws it over to the legendary category. I told my kids when I came home that if they want to have a wedding reception someday that a band is key. Maybe by then some of the groups they like NOW will have withered their money away and we can get them super cheap. (I'm not saying I am a fan of poor money management, but it will work out rather well for the wedding)

A special thanks to:

Kim Zadrozny for makeup - jewelry - shoes - handbag
Anthropologie for providing the wardrobe

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