Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dear Children, The Wedding......

I am going to start backwards to forwards - cause that's the way I roll. I must say that when Audrey called and asked to have her wedding at our house (in 2 weeks) I thought, "well, okay this won't be that hard." Guess what - - - that was an inaccurate statement.

Turns out I spent every one of those days shopping, cutting, planning, etc. The thing is it was a simple wedding. I can't imagine planning and executing a major shindig. Just spitballing, but maybe part of it was the 2 weeks thing.

I think it turned out lovely. This first photo is the party at the end. Once it got dark it was so gorgeous; the hanging lanterns, the lights, the flowers - lovely eye art. My eyes said they had such a great time and wouldn't mind seeing all of it again. (I said beepidy beep beep...............beep and stuff it eyes)

Everyone looked like they were enjoying themselves. This is the first Babbitt gathering where there were more non-Babbitt's than the public. Great job Audrey with having friends and all. Justin, you are so awesome and your family was so nice. I was so busy running around all night and would have loved to have talked to them more!! I know your experience thus far with "Aunt Jen" has been one of

1. I will help you save your money
2. You will pay off your student loans before you have children
3. Hurry and eat your food you are about to cut the cake
4. No, I said shove the cake in her mouth. Come on you pansy stop kissing your bride and smear that cake in her hair.

Since you are in the Army I know you can see the benefit of my course of action for your BIG DAY. Oh yeah......... it was your big day huh. I can't imagine what it will be like when this is my kid - crap I need to start preparing now.

Shania is due this week. She is so beautiful pregnant. I am super jealous. I bought this game called "doody head" where you chuck fake poo at a velcro hat you and your game players wear. Of course we made Shania play (hoping for a wedding baby. Didn't happen.) She was out of breath when we were done, but did a fab job of catching and tossing the rolled pieces of brown dung.

The day went well setting up. The weather has been sooooo nice the last couple of weeks. Wedding Day - not so nice - 100 degrees. Not even slightly joking. Karie and Norma came over today and assisted in the setting up. We all smelled like men when done decorating. MEN don't typically smell good after working a long day - outside. I couldn't be near myself. It was disgusting. If you guys had been home I would have made you smell them. It would have been punishment for some future crime. Grandma and Grandpa Wenzel entertained you all day. The wedding was off limits to little beings.

Audrey was such a beautiful bride. Dressed all uptown. Take note of the red high heels she is wearing. It was such a great look! I will add more photos from Tia Shelly tomorrow. I was running around most of the day and didn't get many pictures.

Wish you could have been there!

Missed you,



Beeswax said...

Yikers. I get stressed out hosting book club. I don't know if I could do a wedding. Good on you.

P.S. Puppies cute.
Still don't want one.

Alpha Monkey said...

Yeah!!! You did it! I know that the people who you turn the world over for know it already, but we are all very, very lucky to know you. Thanks for being a fabulous Auntie, an amazing Mother, and my favorite Sister! (and Cousin...the line is a little blurry. I like it that way!)