Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dear Miss. A,

While making dinner in the kitchen tonight, you and I were chatting it up. We had Jungle Drums playing and you were all, (Please try to remember that you are a wee 3 yr old that has the tinest little voice that I adore!!)

A: "Hey mama, Ava loves the painter man." (Jorge is painting my bedroom ceiling as we are dancing. )

Me: "Yes, he is a fine painter don't you think?"

A: " Mom Ella is my twin." (Ella is April's daughter)

Me: "Yes, you two had a great time the other day!"

At this point in our dance-ation I am looking down chopping and you are running around the kitchen. Then I hear,

A: "Hey mom, here is some pee in a cup."

Me: "What?????" (I grab said cup and feel it is warm in temperature)

A: "I couldn't make it to the potty so I put my pee in a cup."

Me: "Wow. First, thank you for using a disposable cup. Second, thank you for not peeing on the floor. Third, next time use the potty."

A: "Sure. No Thank you."


Rand LeSueur said...

I love it!

Allison LeBaron said...

Oh my, oh my, oh my goodness.

How we love her.......