Thursday, February 18, 2010

El Perro

I've been looking at photography to decorate the front room of the house. I came across this picture and couldn't stop laughing. I LOVE that etsy has introduced me to soooo many talented ladies. (I'm sure there are men on there, but I love supporting the ladies.) The coolest was the other night I was thinking, " I would like a GIANT picture of some sort of animal to hang in the front room.) I came across a hairy bull that I think I am going to buy. It is beyond words - LARGE, HAIRY, BULL and it has a look like, "I'm not bright ya'all, but I'm super hairy! Whoo Whoo!" I kind of want to order it. I feel like we literally live in a zoo lately.

There is a neighbor's dog that keeps coming over to "visit". (I jokingly say "visit" because it is more like my house is an extended stay Embassy Suites. You know the kind where instead of being $150 per night, you committ to being there 21 days and it drops the rate to $79 per night. I've never had any personal experience with this, but there are times when I'm driving down Main St and see such things advertized on motels. I guess Embassy Suites is WAY to nice to put in this category! Ok, I will say - - my house is more like one of those crappy extended stay Main St finds! ) This dog seriously looks like a cartoon. He is built like a very thick wiener dog, he has the face and fur of a collie. This little freaks name is Frankie. Frankie reminds me of Odie from Garfield. He also looks like two animals glued together. Frankie and Chica get along really well. If you remember back to your younger years you will recall that Chica isn't a friendly dog with anyone/thing but you guys. As Uncle Danny says, "That dog is mentally handicapped." She now wears a muzzle when she goes outside and wears little leather booties. The part that still stuns me is that she can scream like a little lady. I MEAN SCREAM. It is so funny / chilling. At first, every time, I think, "the dog is being killed." Then I look for her and notice she is screaming, Otto is standing four feet away from her, and she is looking around to see if I am watching. Not Kidding.

Back to Frankie, now when I open the front door 2 out of 6 times a day Frankie hops on in the house for a visit. I called Frankie's mom the first day and when she came to get him she had her German Shepard and minpin in her golf cart (NOT ON LEASHES)

All at once:

1. Chica and Frankie ran out to the front yard.
2. The German Shepard started running at Chica to attack her
3. The mom is yelling, "She was attacked once on a leash so she either attacks or becomes submissive."
4. Chica is running and growling at the German Shepard and the German Shepard is trying to eat her.
5. Frankie has his tongue hanging out of his mouth and looks like he is laughing.
6. The mom gets the German Shepard back in the golf cart and tells me that it bit the eye out of the minpin 2 weeks ago.

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