Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kim the baby maker

I was just watching a special on E involving Kimora giving birth to her third child. I was crying and loving it. It never gets old to me to watch a baby being born. I love that everyone has a different experience and I LOVE seeing the new baby. It is just Ava and I watching and I kind of forgot that she was sitting next to me until I hear,

"Hey mom. Where is Kimmy? She's supposed to be in this movie."

It is super funny to me that you, Miss A, think that if a baby is involved it was from Auntie Kimmy's womb. (Yes, I said womb. What it bothers you as much as slacks does to me. OK I can respect that.) I looked at you and on the tv Kimora's daughters are now in the hospital room holding the baby, you say,

"Hey look - there is Ellie."


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