Thursday, February 11, 2010

My imaginary Best Friend

So April and Jen came over today for some crying and some cooking. We had Time Travelers wife on in the background (hence the crying) and we cooked up some scones and cookies. I guess technically it is baking. April printed out Giada's Lemon ricotta cookies and the rosemary scones. I must say Ms. Giada knows her stuff. I LOVE all of her recipes. I really think that if she met me we would be besties. I could call her up and be like,

ME: "Hey G Waz Up? I'm thinking I would like to make something for dinner tonight that involves - - ricotta, cucumbers, sausage, strawberries, and lamb."

G: "Hey my best friend. I have the perfect dish for you. (blah, blah, blah---This is where she goes on to explain the most exquisite dish I have ever heard.)"

ME: "Oh my, that sounds absolutely delicious!!! Do you want to bring Jade over and I could watch her and you could just whip this up for me?"

I had a great time with the lovely ladies that were here today!! The Time Travelers Wife was just too darn sad for me. I love that one of our conversations was,

"If my husband were a time traveler I wouldn't let him go out jogging alone."

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Beeswax said...

And just think, while you were making scones, I was making marmalade, which would have tasted good on the scones.

Try reading TTW. Like 5x sadder. Wept for like an hour.