Thursday, February 25, 2010

The number 4 and the Uncle Danny

I find it humorous that every morning most of us are getting ready for the day while #4 sleeps in a bit. I end up in a seat watching the Today show and shouting orders. Eventually everyone ends up in front of the Today Show to see a glimpse of what the weather is for the day. EVERY SINGLE MORNING when you get up number 4- - - - - - - you have to parade back and forth in front of all of us until we notice your precious existence and give a great cheer. "Whoo Hoo you are up. We are SOOO happy!!" Then you climb your little bum up next to me with a smile. (I must say that if it does not go in this direction you are miffed.) After the parade you sit up next to me and explain some elaborate meal that you have planned for me to make you this said morning.

Yesterday this ritual took place, I ran you all to school, and on the way home received a phone call. It was the lovely Captain. This is what he said,

N,"Hey Danny would like you to represent him."

Me,"Oh, what am I representing?"

N,"He would like to get his old crew back together, he would like t-shirts made (in Old English lettering) that say "Cardboard Breakers", and he would like you to pimp out their mad
break dancing skills.

Me," I don't hear Danny laughing. Is he serious."


Me,"Why don't I hear him laughing?"

N,"He is freaking serious. He is
break dancing in the car right now."

AWESOME. Danny those men in "your crew" have gone on to be hugely successful businessmen. I will try my best to get them back together again for a trip to an old folks home. Remember how you used to drag your crew to the senior citizen homes to compete in their talent shows. Remember that is how you and
NateDogg used to feed yourselves? I'm still amazed that some neighbor or teacher or a human being didn't see you guys and be like, "Hey these boys eat out of the trashcans a lot. Maybe I could step in and feed them." Oh there comes my irritation. That's it, I'm going out to feed starving young people today.

Back to the dancing. I'm going to try and orchestrate this just for you. There is one condition, stop with the "Aye
Papi". It truly makes it seem like you watched a Mexican film that was a wee sexual and are copying the young lady from the film. It DOESN'T work for you. Pick something else like, "Aye Gato" then you come across like you love your cat (Yes, I know you don't have one. No, we are not getting one. This is pretend.)

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