Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sisters from the same Mister

(Shelly, Elisa, Mickie, Angie,Irma -Larry and Sam)

As you know grandpa has a checkered past - hence nine siblings that we have/had never met. Mickie made a brief visit to us a couple of years ago (VERY BRAVE). Can you even imagine flying by yourself to meet sisters and brothers with whom you have never spoken a word to? She is super super brave. This time Irma came with her. Can I tell you I felt like I have known them forever. They were gorgeous, funny, grateful, and kind.

It was a great visit. Uncle Danny told his jokes, handed them half eaten food to hold, and kept saying things like,

"Well you know sisters..............That's why we stay single." They aren't!!! Awesome.

I love that him staying single is a CHOICE he has made. His dance card is super full. We celebrated Danny's birthday this weekend also. We gave him a bag of ..........................razors. He was so excited. He had 2 birthday cakes and kept trying to blow the candles out with his nose. There is a video floating around on youtube of him trying to blow out the candles.

It was a great experience seeing similarities with these to ladies to dad and the siblings that live in Arizona. Such a sad past - not really anyway to make it funny...............wait, unless we count the fact that ticks feel like beans when you comb thru your hair. As a kid who is hungry do you think it is comforting to know that you can grow beans on your head? I would be like

beans beans the magical fruit,
I am so lucky they grow on my head.

It is also super funny to be put in special ed because you are white and don't speak English. Oh No, I might go into the immigration debate again. I.....................will................stop............myself.

Ok, I'm back to sanity again, although I must say I am muy disturbed that Willard Scott still does his Smuckers bit on the Today show. It makes me anxious.

Great weekend. Learned a ton. Gracias mi hermanas!!


La Mamacita Numero Uno said...

how fun to read about your family ~ and US!

La Mamacita Numero Uno said...

Wow, Jen, Irma just showed me this page. How I love your comments. I too felt like the trip was enlightening and memorable. I love my new family members and their partners. How can I ever tell you in words how awesome the trip was. You were all so generous, loving and accepting. Thank you. Mickie