Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Weekend

You went to Double Tree Paradise Valley this weekend with your dad. Saturday you all arrived, went swimming, and met Randy - Eric - Ethan - and Sean at Sauce. After dinner and a brief visit to the mall; you went swimming again. I joined you on Sunday and we went home Monday morning. Here are a few lovely pictures of the vacation.

As a side note: As I was changing out of my swimsuit last night (in the bathroom) you, Carter, walked in on me. I had no clothing on. You screamed like a girl and ran and hid under the bed. Your face turned white and you looked like you were in a foreign country and the people you were staying with offered you monkey brain for dinner and you didn't wish to be rude and say no. I found you in the fetal position rocking and saying, "Why didn't you lock the door?" I was laughing so hard I could hardly breathe. You kept saying, "You've scarred me." I would respond between laughs with, "Hey, I'm hot. At least you didn't have to catch a glimpse of something gross." to which you would say, "You are my mom and I just saw you without clothes on, you've damaged me." But then son, no matter how much I scarred you - - - will never forget the kind words you spoke to me,

"Mom. The other woman at the pool are skinny on top and then have kind of a belly because of having children. You don't have that. Have you had some work done?"

Hahahahaha How is "Have you had some work done?" in your vocabulary?
Dad strolling with you over to the mall.
Paige getting caught mid-blink eating dinner. This really looks like a scene from a movie where you are channeling your friends grandma, who wanted to tell her daughter, how she left her a necklace hidden behind "A Tale of Two Cities" in her home that now belongs to the town photographer.
Randy and Eric
The coolest picture EVER!!! Ethan flying
Ellie Flying

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