Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Your dad - - - The Hero

So your dad and I ran to the bookstore tonight to pick up the latest book by Rick Riordan. On our way home we notice a neighbors truck going really slow at the stop sign intersection at Lehi road. We know this neighbor and know that he suffers from epilepsy. I tried to peer into the truck as he was going super slow, but couldn't see him. Your dad told me to follow him. I started to and then he slowly pulled over to the side of the road. We started to drive past him when your dad realized that the truck was falling into the irrigation canal. We flipped around and a couple of other neighbors were also stopping.

El Captain jumped out and tried to help get Sam out of his car. He was extremely incoherent. They got him into the back of the truck and your dad hopped in the drivers seat. Two other men jumped on the back of the truck and tried to jump and shift leverage while your dad stepped on the gas. Nothing happened. Your dad said he was going to get Miss. Sue's tracker. As we are driving to Sue's house we notice that someone had called the police and they were pulling over to the truck. (The problem with this is that Sam does not have a drivers license due to his epilepsy. Let me say children that having a disease that changes your life in such a large way causes many struggles. Sam should not be driving. Many people can be injured as a result. After all of this happened I went and spoke with Sam's wife about him not EVER driving again.)

Dad grabbed a chain and the tractor and drove back to the truck. He hooked it up and pulled the truck out. Then he walked over to the police officer and said,

Nate: "Listen, we've got this. You can go now."

Popo: "I know that he was driving and he is going to kill someone someday. Are you family."

Nate: "Sort of."

Popo: "Are you family."

Nate: " Listen, we all go to the same church and help each other out. We've got this. Please go now."

Guess what. They left. I'm serious. Your dad is AMAZING!!!

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