Saturday, May 15, 2010


So turns out you are a wee bit of a liar. Turns out you say things to Alec (your nanny) like,

"You know my mom says that if you brush my hair I'm supposed to tell you NO."

Turns out you do this a lot if there is something you don't like. Priceless. When I was leaving the other morning I asked you what you were going to do and you said,

"I am going to tell Alec I want to go to the park. (then in a high squeaky voice) She will say, Yes, Ava I will take you to the park. I love to take you to the park."

It is super interesting to me that Alec is real, yet also your imaginary friend whom answers your questions exactly the way you want them answered. If not you answer them for her with your imaginary mother by your side.

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