Tuesday, May 11, 2010


You know when there are times when you stick your foot in your mouth wee ones? I'll give you an example. I was 20 and had just gotten the Supervisor position at America West. It was SUPER hard being sooooo much younger than everyone else! Ok, not really, but there were a few disadvantages. I couldn't always carry off a joke, or relate to "adult" issues. I had just gotten married, owned a very modest house, and didn't have any offspring yet. I remember being in a meeting and someone started speaking with an accent. This was a fake accent they were "acting". I then put on my best Frank impression from Father of the Bride. I was repeating the lines in the movie where Fraaaank talks to them about the cake. Unfortunately when I used my "accent" cake came out as word for the male anatomy.
I was very flustered. There were many many many laughs - not from me.

So, I felt bad for Uncle Danny yesterday when your dad took him to a wholesalers lot to drop off a car. Dad has been friends with this particular dealership owner for the last 10 years. This guy has been through so many life trials the past decade that I am surprised he is able to show up for his life anymore. So Dad and his friend walk out to the car so that he can introduce Danny. Dad's friend starts talking about how his mom passed away 7 years ago and how tough it has been. To which Danny says,

"Eventually that always happens, they all do that"

Of course I was flustered when I said __________ during my meeting. Uncle Danny - - - -not so embarrassed at his poor attempt at communication. I think he is at home right now watching Cops, eating 4 frozen burritos, and NOT thinking about it at all.

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Alpha Monkey said...

Our 9 year old neighbor boy keeps patting my back and talking in a minster voice to "comfort" me about the *eventual* death of my dog. He has the image perfected, just needs to work on his lines. Like the part where he keeps saying, "You know, Tanner has lived a long, long, long time. She'll be passing out soon. Boy, are you going to be sad."