Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back to school 5th grade Style

Last week you came to me and told me that you saw the most beautiful person ever from Ethiopia. She had an Afro and you would like one also. I braided your hair in tiny braids for a night and this is what we came out with. Your hair is a bit long, but I believe you got the desired look.

We also went on our back to school shopping date this past week and had a wonderful time. I once ventured to a roadhouse restaurant with Jen Layton (wwwwhhhaaaattt yes, I said Jen Layton and roadhouse in the same sentence. Add to that our waiter had the most horrible mustache I had ever seen. He kept letting us know that he lost a bet and therefore had to grow this disgusting mustache. Dude, I don't care for the why. What I care about is I shouldn't have to be exposed to such vulgarity. When you look like a professional kidnapper from Alabama maybe someone needs to hold an intervention. ) Anyways, we went to said roadhouse for lunch and you got such a great thrill out of throwing peanut shells on the floor. Whoot Whoot.

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Allison LeBaron said...

look how beautiful she is!!!